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Carbon fiber and racing fusion, FLINK won 6 hours endurance race with a full annual awards
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December 31, 2015, GIC WHEELS & THRILLS 6 hours endurance race in Guangdong international circuit,57racing cars in this competition,race through the day to night, is the history of China's space race most. FLINK sponsored the number 2 racing car,racer by FLINK vice general manager hu yi, finally won the 3rd place and overall 3rd of the year award.


FLINK racing car


57racing cars in this competition


FLINK develop the carbon fiber part for the racing car,reduce the weight and incresed protection.roriginal racing steel part totally is 65.34KG(bonnet、4doors、trunk),carbon fiber parts totally is 30.2KG,lose the 35.14KG.improved the 1second laptime .

FLINK developed carbon fiber bonnet


FLINK developed carbon fiber 4doors


FLINK developed carbon fiber trunk



HU YI ovetake over 10cars in daytime



finally overtake 24cars ,crossed the finish line!



thrid place award



overall third place of the year award.(round1 3hours race absence,round2 4hours race runner up,round3 5hours race 4th,round5 6hours race 3rd).




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